Blog Farm Pro Review

Before we start, I’ll warn you that Blog Farm Pro is not a heart trick. You’ll need to be a fairly experienced web user to realize the full potential of this set of tools. In particular, you’ll need to be familiar with Web Host Manager/Cpanel. Having said this, there are very useful screen capture videos detailing every major process, so if you can learn, you can use BFP.

On review … Rarely comes part of the program that makes my juices flow like this wonderful offer from two men who have managed to create what may be the strongest set of tools you can find online to help you profit from blogging.

In case you haven’t heard, blogging is all the rage. There are even recognized blog awards that put this modern-day phenomenon firmly on the map as something that gives almost anyone the opportunity to express their opinion and have a dialogue with those with the same mind. Simply put, the blog is an online diary with the option of allowing readers to comment on entries posted by the blog owner. The blog is a wonderful “community builder.”

Partly because of the social aspects involved, search engines love blogging completely and using it as a way to make money using programs like Google Adsense can be very profitable. Using the free blog program known as WordPress, it’s very easy to set yourself up using a blog, start posting content and hopefully start taking advantage of clicks on your Adsense.

Once you start this way, you soon begin to realize that three or four blogs are simply not enough if you want to make good money through contextual advertising programs like Adsense. This is where it comes to pure and simple numbers. To make real money using this method, you need to increase the number of blogs you own dramatically.

The initial goal will be 700 to 1,000 WordPress blogs. With that in mind, once you see how long it takes to set up a single blog (although the installation process is very simple), you’ll realize that it may take a very long time to set up enough blogs to start making good money. When we talk about these types of numbers, the system is referred to as farm blogging. Using blogging farms, there is some very salary income that is earned online but requires work.

For this reason, I was so excited when my friend introduced me to Blog Farm Pro. For minimal investment, you can access an exclusive membership site that provides you with a comprehensive set of tools that enable you to create anywhere from ten to up to three hundred blogs or more in a day. I didn’t try to calculate how much time this site provided me, but I know we talk days, not hours.

Here’s a quick summary of the key tools available to blog Farm Pro.

Farm Blog Tools

* Farm Creator Blog

* Blog Farm Sub-Domain Creator

* Spider/Poster 1 and 2

* Binger

Site building tools

* Host Domain Creator

* Sub-band builder

* Content manipulator

* Web site builder


* Simple Crohn’s Editor

* Advanced Crohn’s Editor

Various tools

* Renewed material – one

* Fast blog creator

* Fast Creator Database

* Fast Crohn’s Creator

* Fast binger

* Schaffler List

Everything is specifically designed to work on Cpanel servers. If you’re using any other type of server software, Blog Farm Pro won’t be good for you.

Farm blog tools are the essence of the system. Here you can create many pre-configured WordPress installations using randomly selected attributes with additional custom components of your choice. Blogs can be created on higher-level or sub-domains.

Blog Farm Pro works in succession with the list of blogs to be created. It actually logs in to your web host manager, creates the domain (or sub-domain), database and install wordPress at once … Awesome! Once you’ve created your blogs, you can give the spider a list of websites where they will be blown up and the spider of those sites that post content (with a link back) to your specific group of blogs in a schedule you select. Doesn’t get much better than that.

Site building tools are also very useful. Here you can create multiple Cpanel domain hosting accounts and any number of sub-domains. These tools dramatically increase the speed at which you can create your own hosting accounts. If you’ve tried to sit down and create a thousand sub-domains, you’ll appreciate how useful these tools really are.

With a content processor, site builder and FTP download facility, Blog Farm Pro brings a web blog/build a large-scale site easily accessible to every web marketer.

Controls let you set your tables to spread the spider and here you can also select a ping table. Pinger allows you to select and test any number of blogs from a rotating proxy IP list that is regularly updated in a schedule you select (phew!). Once again, veteran Adsense blogger will love this feature perfectly.

A variety of articles, a single blog, database, cron builders, fast pinger and shuffler menus provide you with very useful items in your toolbox. Blog Farm Pro owners are very responsive and you’ll always get an answer to any questions you may have in forums.

I’ve used Blog Farm Pro enough to know that this is something I can’t really do without. If you want to build huge blog farms in a very short period of time, Blog Farm Pro definitely deserves further investigation. The amount of time this package provides you is enough to give you that competitive advantage you need to succeed in adsense blogging.

Just imagine … You can easily build a thousand blogs in one week – hell you can build three thousand! Now if each of these blogs earns you only $1 a month, you’ll earn $1,000 to $3,000 a month. Now we’re talking!

The idea behind Blog Farm Pro wasn’t really to create financially income blogs but to use your blog farms as a way to get your money’s locations indexed in engines. The theory says: Build your blog farms, build your sites, post your sites on your blog farms and watch indexing happen. This also works and whatever way you decide to use BFP, I’m sure you’ll quickly realize that here’s a set of tools you really need … Like, yesterday!

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