Entrepreneur: Blogging Is The Perfect Internet Business

If someone tells you that you can create a global company, completely free, without anything more than the tools you already have, and invest your time, you’ll question his mind.

However, that’s true. If you like blogging, you can create a viable online business in a few months: for free.

Blogging is a new development in online business. Basically, it’s an instant publication. Because entrepreneurial blogging is very new, you have a great opportunity to build your business before others copy what you’re doing, so start now, and start building your own online empire.

Let’s take a look at five business models for new online blogging. These five forms can be combined if you want to – there are no rules in blogging. You can change your blog business model at any time, to one that generates more income.

Each of these models has the ability to earn a six-figure income. They are as follows:

  • Affiliated blog (blogs)
  • Web publisher blog (blogs)
  • Sales Blog (Blogs)
  • Blog service (blogs)
  • Blog network (networks)

Let’s take a look at these models one by one.

Affiliated Blog (Blogs)

Many companies develop affiliate programs, because they can employ a sales force of thousands of people, at little cost. The appeal of commission marketers’ software is that you don’t need a product or service – you can start selling other people’s products, for a commission.

If you intend to create a child blog, select the products you will sell before you create the code. This is because you want to make sure there is a wide range of products that you can promote. There’s nothing worse than developing a blog, knowing that the well is dry: I’ve chosen a place where products rarely change, and where products are so uniform that there’s nothing new to write or podcast about.

Web Publisher Blog (Blogs)

In this form, your blog is the online equivalent of the magazine. Just as the magazine contains features and ads, so does your blog. In this business model, your content is vital, because you rely on your content to attract advertisers.

If you choose to develop a web publisher blog, you have great models – thousands of magazines published every year. Check out two of your favorite magazines. The monthly magazine usually has a theme for each monthly issue, with two or more stories dedicated to the subject. The magazine publishes its editorial calendar a year ago, so that advertisers can arrange their ads for a particular version.

Blog (Blogs) Sales

In the sales model, a blog is dedicated to a single product or a range of products. When offline companies start blogging, their blogs are sales blogs – they use their blogs to sell their products. If you have products you want to sell, the sales code is an excellent business model. You can sell a product you’ve created – an e-book, DVD, artwork – or products you buy from others, and resell them.

If you’re already running a business, you can start an entrepreneurship blog to serve as the marketing arm of the business.

On the other hand, if you don’t have a business, look at creating products for you, or buy products you can resell on your blog. Look at local yellow pages for manufacturing companies: You may be able to find products that you can resell at a profit. Of course, there are many online wholesale companies, but the benefit of dealing with a local supplier is that you can check the products you sell, to ensure quality. Shipping costs will also be low, resulting in more profit for you.

Blog (Blogs) Service

While the sales blog sells products, the service code sells services. If you have a service to sell, you can create a blog to generate customers for your services. Or you can sell other people’s services, via a blog.

If you sell a service, you know it’s hard to distinguish yourself from the thousands of others who sell the same service. A blog is a way to do it. If you’re a dance instructor, for example, you have a lot to write about. You’ll attract a lot of new business, and you can earn extra income when you ask equipment suppliers to advertise on your blog.

Blog Network (Networks)

Blog networks are groups of web publisher blogs that have been formed into a network. There can be half a dozen, or hundreds, depending on the ambitions and interests of the network owner. Blog networks usually derive their income from advertising.

If you want to develop a blog network, your goals will be: important network development, as well as a clear idea of where and how blogs are added to the network, and where and how revenue stream will be built.

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