Why Blogs Are Powerful Tools For Internet Marketers

Blogs! What a crazy name for the online marketing trend “NEWEST” to hit the Internet.

But, I love it.

It makes this new form of communication somehow vague, although blogs have been around for some time and have only recently been recognized as a very valuable asset to online marketers.

Recently, I’ve been visiting some online marketing-related forums and noticed that many topics with similar “topics” say … “What the heck are blogging?”

So, I’ve done some research and that’s what I’ve come up with since I was so curious.

I think it’s best to clearly tell you what the “blog” is exactly so you don’t have a clear picture in your head of what the blog is, so there won’t be any confusion.

The “blog” (also known as the web history) by definition is:

A combination of online diaries and/or visitor log. You can register for a blogger account and then enter the information you want on your website. Then you can set it so that you can just put entries on it or so that anyone can. Then you can either keep a private magazine or you can get a place where readers can meet together and put entries for each other or for you.

Even… There you have in the walnut crust.

To simplify them further, let’s just say that blogging is a place to go and post your personal thoughts that you can share with subscribers and/or readers and receive comments.

Now, for the purpose of this article, now that I know the true definition of “Blog,” I’ll share with you some of the reasons why it becomes a widely recognized POWER tool for online marketers around the world.

So, however, let’s go to reason #1.

Reason #1. A great way to stay in touch with subscribers.

Blogs are a great way to stay in touch with subscribers and/or readers and build regular traffic for readers to your small community where you can interact with them.

It also helps build a relationship, which in turn will help develop that trust in you and your products and/or the services you recommend.

Reason #2. It’s a great way to get “comments.”

Blogging is a great way to get feedback from subscribers/customers simply because they have the ability to leave comments on every “post” you make that will then help you find what they’re looking for making you look like a “hero” in an eye there and put $$Money in your pocket.

Reason #3. It can be managed by one individual.

Blogging doesn’t require an HTML experience, making it easier for anyone to start.

Most online “blogging” communities use the so-called HTML editor “WYSIWYG.”

Did I lose you there with the abbreviation “WYSIWYG”. This simply symbolizes… “What you see is what you get.”

It’s one of the easiest HTML editing programs to use, making it easier for you to start right away.

Reason #4. Your ability to list the details of your “main” website.

When you sign up for your Blogger account, you’re given an area to set up your “profile” where you can include your main website and URL, as well as any other personal information you want to share that will be displayed on your blog.

Reason #5. A great way to publish Information.

This may be one of the biggest benefits for blogs because you have the ability to publish useful information in the form of “articles and/or reviews” to subscribers and/or readers, which will make you look like an expert on the subject and give you immediate credibility in the reader’s eye.

Reason #6. You can get your URL.

That’s right, you can get your URL that you can use in all your promotions and/or on your personal website if you have one.

This feature is great, especially for people who have just started and do not have their own website and are running yet.


Here’s my blog to take a look at.

It’s called… Internet wonders blog.



Reason #7. Search engines love them.

Search engines love blogs because they are “rich in content” and are always updated on a daily to weekly basis.

When you compare a regular fixed website, which may be updated on a monthly basis, with a blog, updated on a daily to weekly basis with new content, you’ll get a preference with search engines with your blog.

S.E. Spiders will gladly stop by taking up any new content you’ve posted and indexing your website often because that’s what search engines love and constantly look for.

Reason #8. The ability to use RSS with blogging.

A powerful feature about blogging is the use of RSS (true simple sharing) that allows you to send your highlights immediately to your readers when you publish, keeping the reader up to date with your work, products and/or services.

Not only that, but RSS also gives your blog more exposure to a wider audience of subscribers who build more readers in less time.

Simply by adding a human element to your business by using a “blog”, IS is a great way to build a relationship and gain the trust of subscribers and/or readers, which in turn will turn them into “customers”.

Well, there you have, ” blogs! What are… Why has it become a powerful tool for Internet marketers.”

I hope this article clearly answers the questions you once had about “blogging” and the benefits of starting one of your own.

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